Hello, I’m Steve Floyd

Business strategist meets marketing technologist with proven experience crafting solutions that drive growth.


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Why I do it…

Steve Floyd MonogramI started out over 15 years ago in music marketing and print production. My career like my life has always been about survival. My background in music, art, photography, design & web development have shaped how I approach marketing. If you care to know more about that journey, you can read it here and here.

My values

  • Family first.
  • Lead from behind.
  • Business is personal.
  • There is a higher power.
  • Preparation and presentation.
  • Dreams are goals with deadlines.
  • When you put the needs of others above your own great things happen.
  • Nothing is (or will ever be) perfect… but you sure as hell can try.
  • What you’re worth often depends on what you value.
  • Sustainability and people over profit.

My professional life

I’m the principle and CEO of AXZM, a turnkey marketing firm based in Dallas, TX (founded in 2003). We specializes in building large scale websites, driving qualified traffic to them, getting those visitors to convert to customers and keeping them with meaningful experiences.

I present regularly at conferences like Pubcon and Big Design, a former board member of DFWSEM and founder / organizer of Dallas Content Strategy, Co-Chair and Founder of the Dallas Chapter of SEMPO (now SEMPO cities) as well as Dallas Growth Hackers and  Dallas Magneto meetup groups.

A few things I’m proud of:
  • Built a little family with the most caring, beautiful woman in the multiverse (I would be a mess without her).
  • Consulted with and implement complex marketing technology integrations and Gitflow management for several fortune 500 companies.
  • Since my company’s first print contract 12+ years ago, I have generated over 3.8 million dollars in revenue 100% independently.
  • In addition to the sales and business development, I have trained and defined new processes that enabled my agency to scale the day-to-day workflow and operations for a team of 10 digital marketers, designers and developers.
  • The early version of these processes and documentation I created (2011-2012) became the Super Awesome Content Strategy Worksheet. This workflow template has been cited by some of the top minds in digital and become the defacto starting point for documenting campaign strategy and communication objectives for thousands of content-centric marketers all over the world.
  • In 2013 I conceived and built Unpenguin, a link evaluation tool for identifying low quality backlinks in response to the Penguin update. I sold it to Jim Boykin less than 7 months after it launched.
  • I’ve met with Congresswoman Kay Granger to discuss our states policies as it relates to my industry.
  • I’ve done all of this coming from crippling poverty, a dysfunctional, single parent home and no formal education. Boom!


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For a one sheet introduction, please download this pdf. For speaking inquiries please complete this form. All press inquiries please contact – anna [at] axzm [dot] com. Like how I move? Network with me on LinkedIn.

My personal life

I am blessed to have a beautiful, loving partner, Anna Elisabeth and my newborn son who keep me grounded. My biggest aspirations are merely to keep them safe, happy and provided for. Everything I do is for them.

My Life, My Family

My hobbies

Photography, Film, DJing, Producing, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Biking, Camping and Travel are all things I love, but seldom have time for anymore. I plan on changing that in the coming years.

What I do…

Design & Development

  • Website Design
  • User Experience Design / UI Consulting
  • CSS3 & HTML 5
  • Javascript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Magento

Digital Strategy & Demand Generation

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Strategy
  • Buyer / User Persona Development
  • Prospect / Outreach List Development
  • On-Page / Off-Page SEO Audit
  • Paid Media Planning & Audit
  • Customer Acquisition & Retention
  • Conversion Tracking & Optimization
  • Marketing Automation & Lead Scoring
  • Lead Generation & Lead Nurturing

Systems Integration & Consulting

  • Systems Integrations
  • Sales Force Automation
  • Training & Documentation
  • Business Process Automation
  • Project Management Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management Systems
  • Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • ROI Dashboards
  • Funnel Analysis

Who I do it for…

I’ve had the chance to work with some amazing brands on projects ranging from one-off consulting gigs and small landing page promotions to rebranding initiatives, e-commerce and ERP systems, as well as comprehensive digital marketing programs in both B2B and B2C markets.



  • Legal
  • Software
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Non-Profit
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail & Fashion
  • Food & Beverage
  • Financial Services
  • Lifestyle & Nutrition
  • Radio, Television & Film
  • Transportation & Logistics


Where I do it…

SlideshareI’ve had the privilege to speak alongside some of the brightest minds in Search and Social. My presentations have garnered hundreds of thousands of views and been featured many times on the homepage of Slideshare (Slide of the Day).


Through The Looking Glass: The Value of Good Design

Building Better Experiences With Content Personalization

Hyper Local Content Marketing

Catching Fireflies: Measuring The Value of Content

Growth Hacking With APIs

Planning For Responsive

Crouching Stakeholder Hidden Content

Selling Guns to Gandhi: The Art of Content Buy-In

Bruce Lee Guide to Strategic Content

Stop Selling SEO

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What other industry experts are saying about my presentations…

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How I can help you…

If you work with me, you should know that I always start with why.

  1. Why do you need help?
  2. Why does your brand exist?
  3. Why do your customers buy from you over competitors?
  4. Most importantly, if what you need from me doesn’t lower cost or generate more revenue for your business… why are you hiring me?

Are you a small to medium business or start-up looking for guidance on how to market your product or service?

Digital Strategy and Marketing Technology consulting is what I do. I can develop a go-to-market strategy and process that is in lock step with your business goals.

Are you an Enterprise that is looking for a seasoned digital strategists to make sure your next project goes smoothly?

I develop technology solutions that fit the requirements of your business logic, not my pocket book. When I’m done, I can also help document and train designated staff members on how to use it to lower your cost of acquisition over time.

Are you an agency or marketing firm needing help on some interactive projects for your clients?

Half of my business over the last 10 years has been helping other creative firms who need senior level consultants to make sure that quality is delivered for their clients. Drop me a line, I’m easy to find.

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