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Bored? Build a Supercomputer

I like to think you build a supercomputer in your spare time simply because you can.

A software engineer by the name of Brian Guarraci who works at Twitter has a rather odd hobby, or at least you would think for someone who works with computers all day, every day.

In true fashion of someone who loves what they do, in his spare time he’s building a Parallella cluster with a design that was inspired by two of the most iconic supercomputers ever made.

A Few Predictions

The significance of this kind of parallel computing becoming more and more accessible in the consumer market at the same time APIs and cloud storage are available for pennies on the dollars, means there will be disruption in the near future, across may industries and vertical markets. Uber is just the beginning.

Many industries who have been doing “business as usual” are going to be displaced dramatically and in unforeseen ways in the coming years.

This was a big part of what I talked about at last years Big Design Conference in my presentation “Growth Hacking With APIs“.

What is going to happen when a 13 year old kid in say, 15-20 years has 100X to even 1000X the computing power of the most advanced computer we have now with virtually unlimited access to data? Will that even be allowed? If not, what sorts of regulations concerning data collection and usage are on the horizons?

Lot’s of question, I do have.

Hopefully this will accelerate the discovery of new technology solutions, like the 20 year old kid Boyan Slat who has a plan to clean up the worlds polluted oceans.

Let’s hope it moves in that directions. The world has a lot of problems and I sincerely believe we can use technology to fix a lot of them. I’ll save that commentary for another post…

Check this out, you will really dig it.

Written by Steve Floyd

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